Photos à 5 ans


"Ghost Myst of Lowlands Green Valley"

Timeless Twilight's Mystic Touche
HD : B/A
Ch. Lynmead Love of my Life Amalie Mild Affair Amalie Mild and Bitter
Ch. Delbar Delightfully Amalie
Lynmead so in Love Ch. Amalie Deep in my Soul
Ch. Lynmead Love Charm at Woodwick
Double Scotch GoldWild and Free Amalie by Design
HD : A
Pepperstone Piccolino
Amalie Design With Love
Double Scotch Gold Scarlette O'Hara Ch. Video Star of Slatestone
HD : A
Ch. Country's Dream Gold Crime of the Century
Balmaya of Lowlands Green Valley
HD : B
Endless Design Mambo Man
HD : B
Old Golden Gates Arresting Mind
HD : A
Westoak Firewalker
Wassail Annie's Song
U're so Beautiful of Slatestone Super Cool of Slatestone
HD : A
Jolie Princesse de la Vallée des Trésors
HD : A
Worldwide Queen in Black of Slatestone
HD : B
Time Will Tell of Slatestone
HD : A

Royal Bodyguard of Slatestone
HD : A

Jamie Lee Blue de la Vallée des Trésors
HD : A
Highland Hill Love Potion
HD : A
Troydon Blind Date
Quelle Belle of Slatestone





17/06/2012 Régionale Elevage Dagny (France) Jeune 2ème Exc. CJF M. Ch. DANCOISNE (F)
06/07/2012 Championnat de France (Metz) Jeune 1ère. Exc. Best Jeune M. A. Clark (GB)